A Napa Wedding

Two Friends Get Married

Branding • Visual Design

When your friends get married, you design for them. As a present I designed a wedding kit for them. Taking inspiration from their love of travel, the wedding venue, and the place they met, I designed and fabricated program guides, table place cards, seating charts and a snapchat filter.



Sharon and Andrew met at UC Berkeley and got engaged at the Berkeley Rose Garden. They wanted to keep those elements throughout the wedding experience, so we tied Cal colors- blue and gold, and the motif of flowers, into the design of the print collateral. The final visual style incorporated the gold as a foil treatment, and the blue into watercolor flowers.


They traveled the world together

so I brought that as a part of their wedding experience. I made 11 city illustrations of places they traveled to. This came as a solution to the problem of potentially having a Table #4 (an unlucky number), and we worked together to weave their love of travel into how guests maneuvered their wedding. Guests were assigned "cities" and provided postcards to write their well wishes to the couple, which they would "mail" in a suitcase.

Cities and Flowers

Each table card was different and customized to the city it represented. The flower of each card was decided based on the official city flower; the watercolor style was based off of a painterly style each city was known for- eastern cities tended to have a more brushed style, while western more impressionistic.