Ex-pre-med, ex-architecture, but I've always believed in helping people, and I've always believed in the power of design (but now, much more so). As a designer I aspire to become a better person, and to help others become better people too. If you think so too, let's work together. 



Interaction Design, Visual Design at Cooper U, 2015

Architecture Minor in Sustainable Design at UC Berkeley, 2014


UX Design at Autodesk, Aug '16 - Present

UX/UI Design at Westfield Labs, Nov '14 - Jul '16

Production Design at Cakewalk Creative, Oct '14 - Dec '14

Intern at Fong & Chan Architects, Jun '14 - Aug '14 


Mentor at SPARK Program

Blog at SF Design Week 

Research for PODER SF

Allergy/Travel Clinic & Optometry at Tang Center